Are you stuck trying to complete your Pilates Certification hours? Does it feel like it will take forever to complete all your required hours and you’re stuck in Pilates jail? Don’t worry, we have a solution for you!

At Pilates Mastery, you can transfer your completed hours and earn a Pilates Mastery diploma via our transfer student program. We will bridge your completed hours and empower you to complete your remaining hours on a more convenient schedule tailor made to you so you can get your certificate as soon as possible!

Our goal: to get you on your feet so you can find your dream Pilates job and start your own business!

If you have already started your certificate elsewhere, the hours you have studied so far will transfer to our certificate. All you need to do then is to complete your teaching hours with us: we have flexible schedules!

If you haven’t started your Pilates certificate yet, not to worry – you can complete your mat or equipment certification with us from the start. Read more about teacher training and how to get started.

For more questions and signing up, contact tiffany and get started today.