Pilates for back pain

Nowadays, many people suffer from back pain. It is the result of sitting down a lot. As we sit down all day at the office or while driving a car, our core muscles weaken and hip-flexors tighten. This is the main cause of back pain in healthy adults. However, sometimes, back pain can result from an injury, such as herniated disc or scoliosis. Regardless, Pilates is great at fighting back pain and helping you to recover.

Pilates for back pain

Back pain usually stems from the weak core and tight hip-flexors

Did you know, that a weak core can cause back pain? Or tight hip-flexors and quadriceps? If you do not have an old injury, chances are that this is why your back hurts. Pilates is great at releasing back pain because Pilates sessions focus on strengthening your core and improving your flexibility.

As most Pilates movements (especially in mat class) can be done laying down, you will not need to worry about putting too much pressure on your back. In fact, you will be able to relax your back against the mat and work your core without any pressure.

For instance, the movement called one-hundred is excellent at engaging your core and getting you warmed up. Despite your fitness level, you will be able to start your Pilates journey easily. All you need to do is to tell your Pilates instructor that you suffer from back pain. A certified Pilates teacher knows what to do to help you stretch correctly and release your back.

In fact, only a few Pilates classes can make a difference.

I have an injury – can Pilates still help?

Pilates was invented by Joseph Pilates easily 1900’s to help soldiers to rehabilitate injuries. It was done so that the person was able to isolate each movement, as to not put pressure on the injured part of their body. This helped them to keep up their muscle mass while laying in bed, recovering from injuries.

So, frankly, yes. You will be able to do Pilates even if you have injuries. However, you should always tell your Pilates instructor about your injuries. Also, always consult your physician before changing your fitness routine.

If you have a back injury, you can easily get started with mat classes. Most likely, you will be doing exercises laying down or even sitting on the Chair. Your Pilates teacher will be able to work around your injury and, in some cases, even help you to recover.

How can I get started?

If you want to get started with your Pilates journey, all you need to do is to contact a Pilate studio near you. If you reside on Long Island, New York, contact me. I will be able to help you to get started with mat and reformer classes. And don’t just believe me – check out my reviews on Google! My clients love our sessions: I’m tough but fair.

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