How do Pilates classes benefit different groups?

Pilates has been a hit for years and years now. Everyone does it: athletes, elderly, pregnant women, and even celebrities. Taking Pilates classes is much more than just exercise: it is a way to connect with your body, focus on your breathing and get balanced. But how do Pilates classes benefit different groups?

Pilates classes for different groups

It has been said multiple times, that Pilates classes are great for everyone, no matter your fitness level, age, or even experience. You can start at any age, and even if you have injuries, Pilates can be a beneficial rehabilitation tool. In this article, we will look at how Pilates can benefit you.

Pilates for athletes: rehabilitation and support

Many athletes (no matter which sport) take Pilates classes. Pilates can increase flexibility, which is great for every athlete. For instance, runners need to stay flexible and limber to prevent pulling muscles. Pilates classes are also excellent for balance, which comes in handy when you are a dancer or a figure skater.

Also, Pilates can help you become stronger, especially in your core. This is important for all athletes. As taking Pilates classes will not make you “bulk up”, it is also preferred by athletes who need to stay limber, strong, and toned: for instance, gymnasts.

In addition, athletes tend to be prone to injury: Pilates can work as a tool to help you in your rehabilitation process. Did you know that Joseph Pilates invented Contrology (or Pilates, as we call it now) for rehabilitation purposes in the first place?

Pilates for elderly: flexibility, posture, balance

As age catches up with us, we all will eventually need to think about how to stay in shape even with age. Pilates classes are a safe way for elderly people to exercise and enjoy the benefits. For instance, elderly people might get help with their flexibility and balance. Also, Pilates helps to improve posture: something, that can become problematic with age.

Pilates for pregnant women: strength, balance, flexibility

Pilates for pregnant women is a great way to stay in shape while expecting. You can do low impact strength exercises in Pilates classes all the way through your pregnancy. Also, as your baby bump grows, your balance might be off, too. Not to worry, Pilates will help you.

Just keep in mind, that should you take Pilates classes while pregnant, you should only take classes with an instructor who is pre- and post-natal certified.

Pilates for men: flexibility, focus, strength

Pilates classes are good for men, too. The most common problem that men face when exercising is the lack of flexibility, and it can affect many parts of your life. Pilates can help you to improve your flexibility. Also, Pilates classes are a great way to slowly build up your strength.

Pilates for everyone

Frankly, Pilates classes are for everyone. No matter who you are, or what your fitness goals are, Pilates can support you on your journey. If you reside on Long Island, New York, contact me for Pilates classes in Great Neck.

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