How to transfer your study credits with our transfer student program

To become a fully certified Pilates instructor, you need to complete a Pilates
training course. The course, which offers students a Diploma certification, is divided into Pilates certification hours for all students.

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For so many reasons, students who have already started a Pilates course at one training center may need to enroll in another Pilates school. Maybe you’d like to finish your training sessions faster or your schedule doesn’t match.

What is a transfer student program?

Pilates students who are stagnated in their quest for a Pilates certification may feel the need to make a switch to another Pilates school. Also, students who relocate to other cities can request to join a transfer students program offered by a Pilates school located in the new city. Some students who find out that their current Pilates certification program is too rigid may also need to transfer to another Pilates school that offers more flexible learning programs.

In such situations, it is necessary for the student to transfer their previous study credits to the new Pilates school, for instance, to us at Pilates Mastery. The opportunity given to students to transfer their study credit makes it possible for the students to start from the last Pilates certification hour they completed at the previous school.

Pilates schools have different procedures for the transfer of students’ credit. At Pilates Mastery, we have made it easy for students who want to complete their Pilates certification hours with us.

Here are the simple steps to follow to transfer your study credits to another Pilates school:

Study the Pilates certification schedule at the new school

Before making contact with the Pilates school, it is essential that you confirm whether the certification program at the new school is convenient for you.

If you believe you can cope with the new program, please make contact and find out the requirements to sign up for the certification program. In this case, you can contact us and ask more.

Present your previous records

You will be expected to show proof of your past certification records and where you stopped, regarding the Pilates certification hours.

The records you present will be assessed, and you will be notified when your application to transfer students’ credits for a Pilates program is approved.

The transfer offer for students is also open to beginners who are just starting their Pilates teacher certification program.

Transferring your previous student credits

At the end of the course, after completing your mat and equipment hours as well as teaching hours, you will be eligible for a Pilates certificate that shows you have completed all your certification hours.

Students who successfully complete the Pilates certification course can start their Pilates classes and grow the business. With a Pilates certification, the graduates can start sourcing for clients to attend their Pilates class.

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