Celebrities who love Pilates

Everyone is doing Pilates, even your favorite celebrities. Pilates is an amazing activity, and its popularity is growing. Pilates is an excellent and unique way to improve your body, posture, it is excellent for strength training, and you can avoid so many health conditions if you do Pilates often.

What happens in Pilates class?

The celebrities have not been left out, and it is a good thing. Considering the busy lifestyle of celebrities, Pilates is a great physical activity that can help them perform their roles better.

Here are some of the top celebrities who have shown how much they love Pilates.


You want to know why Madonna is in such a terrific shape at the age of 61 years. You guessed right, Madonna never misses her Pilates sessions.

Madonna has a lean muscled figure that everyone admires. She is super energetic and in good health. Check out the glow on her skin, all that is mostly attributed to her love for Pilates.

Naomi Campbell

The superstar model has grown to love Pilates. Naomi Campbell spends time using the reformer whenever she has free time. Naomi trains with the reformer under the supervision of Dave Higgins, who is a personal trainer and Pilates instructor.

Selena Gomez

So many of the paparazzi pictures you will find of Selena Gomez online show her leaving a Pilates class.

Selena Gomez attends Pilates classes at least twice every week. She works out under the supervision of Amy Davis, who is a personal trainer and Pilates instructor.

Cameron Diaz

She is an A-list actress who has thrilled her fans for so many years, with roles in amazing movies. Cameron Diaz also has a fantastic body shape, at 47 years, Cameron Diaz has maintained a great figure by working out often in a Pilates class.

Cameron Diaz focuses on strength training and cardio exercises during her Pilates sessions.

Sandra Bullock

Have you ever wondered how Sandra Bullock manages to pull off some of the most demanding acting roles? It is because she is in great shape. Sandra Bullock maintains a strict physical activity regimen that involves Pilates.

We can attribute her unique physique and beautiful skin to her regular workouts. So far, there is hardly any fashion dress design that doesn’t fit her beautiful body shape. That’s one of the benefits of being physically fit.

Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet never hesitates to tell anyone who is listening that she loves Pilates. We attribute her beautiful body figure to regular workouts in a Pilates class. Kate Winslet finds the time to do Pilates for about twenty minutes every day, regardless of her busy schedule.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston has been able to overcome health challenges such as chronic backaches and a hip problem with Pilates. She has turned an ambassador of the physical activity, after experiencing a full recovery from those ailments. Jennifer Aniston loves how Pilates has completely improved her body and posture. She works out with the reformer and does mats Pilates.

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