How to fit Pilates into your busy schedule

One of the major challenges people have with continuing a Pilates class is their busy schedule. The benefits of doing Pilates can help you become more productive at work. This means that you should not abandon your plans to continue doing Pilates because you are too busy.

In this article, I will be writing about some of the best tips to help you fit Pilates into your busy schedule.

Fit Pilates into your calendar

How often should I do Pilates?

Averagely, a Pilates class lasts for about 45 minutes. However, this timing is flexible and can be managed to fit your busy schedule.

To achieve this, please consider the following tips:

Plan for your day

You can make a convenient plan to attend your Pilates class. This is what you can do; try to plan the schedule for your week on Sundays. This way, you can accommodate your plan to attend a Pilates class during the week.

There are Pilates classes that hold every day of the week, especially for beginners, but you can make plans to do Pilates two or three times a week and still get all the benefits.

Make good use of free time

During the week, you should be able to get free time to do something beneficial to your health, such as Pilates.

Instead of spending minutes of free time on social media or at a bar, you can attend a Pilates class.

Start your day earlier

Another great way to fit Pilates classes into your busy schedule is by starting your day earlier. If you are supposed to leave home for work at six in the morning, make plans to wake up by five every day. You can enjoy a few minutes of doing Pilates and still arrive at your workplace on time.

Practice better time management habits

In situations where your Pilates class is scheduled after work, you should make good use of time. Your goal should be to complete all your official tasks for that day early, so you can attend your Pilates class.

Another great tip is leveraging your weekends. I know this is the time you relax and probably visit friends. But, you can easily squeeze in a few minutes to attend a Pilates class on a Saturday or Sunday.

Learn how to do Pilates with a mat

If you know how to do Pilates with a mat, you will not miss out on the benefits of doing Pilates. If your schedule will not allow you to attend a Pilates class during the weekdays, please take a few minutes before or after work to do Pilates in your home or office.

It is easy; all you need is your mat and space. You can always make plans to attend a Pilates class during the weekend to use the reformer.

Find a gym that operates 24/7

Some gyms allow members to come in at any time of the day or night to use their facilities. If they have Pilates reformers or at least a mat for practicing mat Pilates, you can even do your exercises late at night.

Get started

Please consider which of the tips above is most convenient for you. And, if you think you will be compromising spending time with friends to attend a Pilates class, invite them. Pilates is for everyone. Contact us if you want to get started today!

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