What type of Pilates should I do?

Are you confused about the type of Pilates you should do? No worries, there are many other people with the same concern. In this post, I will be writing about the two types of Pilates and how you can decide on how to proceed with your Pilates experience.

Pilates involves so many types of physical exercises and stretches. I acknowledge that it can get confusing if you attempt to start doing Pilates on your own. This is what you can do, find an experienced Pilates teacher to help you get started the right way.

Let’s have a look at the two categories of Pilates you can do:

Mat Pilates

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In the simplest terms, mats Pilates refer to the Pilates exercises done on a mat. The excellently coordinated physical activities are for both young people and older adults. Doing Pilates on a mat also involves less complex body stretches that you can easily learn.

Using mats for Pilates is one of the recommended routes for beginners to start their Pilates experience. The series of Pilates done during mat Pilates classes include introductory Pilates for beginners. However, you can choose to continue with mats Pilates and learn more elaborate exercises targeted at helping you achieve different fitness goals.

Reformer Pilates

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On the other hand, we have the reformer Pilates. The reformer is special Pilates equipment which features springs, contraptions and pulleys that are used for the physical activity. Using reformers is all about overcoming resistance with the strength of your muscles.

The reformer is used by Pilates students who have had some experience. You will be properly guided on how to use a reformer to achieve your fitness goals.

Now, which of these Pilates categories is best for you? Here are some ideas to help you decide which type of Pilates you should do:

What do you hope to achieve with Pilates? If you have a clear idea of your fitness goals it will be easier to decide on the type of Pilates you should do. For example, if you are interested in strength training and developing well-toned muscles, the reformer Pilates is your best option to achieve such goals.

On the other hand, mats Pilates are adequate for people who are interested in correcting their posture, losing body fat, and improving overall physical coordination with the right stretches.

Please note that it is possible to participate in both types of Pilates. Think about it; you will be getting the best of both categories and more benefits.

However, your Pilates teacher can help you decide on which Pilates route to take after discussing and understanding your expectations from doing Pilates.

I should also point out that your health can be a factor to be considered when deciding on the best type of Pilates for you. This is why you should disclose any health conditions to your Pilates teacher, who is in
the best position to guide you.

In conclusion, there is no hard-set rule about the type of Pilates for anyone. Please feel free to try the options and decide after having an experience.

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