Why more athletes need to do Pilates

The best athletes who have continued to achieve amazing results and break outstanding records in their sports are in great shape physically and mentally. It is easier to maintain your winning streak as an athlete by keeping your body in great shape with Pilates.

Athletes undergo long hours of training every day to be the best; it may sound like too much trouble to include Pilates in their fitness schedule. But doing Pilates will be one of the best decisions any athlete will make in their career.

Pilates is an organised physical activity which involves different exercises and stretches that aim to keep the athlete physically fit and ready to push their limits.

In the following part of this article, I will write about the specific benefits athletes can get from doing Pilates. The good news is that so many athletes have already discovered Pilates, it is also recommended by coaches at different levels who need the athletes under their care to exceed expectations by setting higher records.

Pilates keeps your muscles well-toned

There are particular Pilates exercises, done with a reformer, that can keep your muscles toned and ready to deliver the ‘power’ you need during sports. I can say that Pilates offers you, as an athlete, a less demanding way to develop and maintain a well-toned, lean muscular body.

This is easily achievable by all athletes because Pilates can be particularly targeted at muscle development. It gets better – You can do Pilates targeted at specific muscles in your body to achieve better results.

For example, athletes who participate in track and field events can focus on doing Pilates to develop and strengthen the muscles in their legs, to perform better during the sports they have chosen.

Get stronger joints with Pilates

Unfortunately, so many athletes have been forced to give up their passion for becoming the best in their sports because of injuries involving the joints. With Pilates, you can avoid sports injuries and perform better when your joints are stronger and more resilient. Sports events, especially athletics, can take a toll on the tissues surrounding your joints.

Pilates involves simple yet effective exercises that can make these tissues tougher to withstand the pressure exerted when you run or participate in other athletic events.

Pilates can help to alleviate back pain

It can be a difficult journey to the top for athletes who are plagued with back pain. This is a health condition that may have been caused by the sports you do or bad habits such as a wrong posture when sitting, standing or walking. However, you can get long-term relief by doing Pilates.

Athletes need to focus on winning, and back pain will constitute a nagging distraction that can slow you down. It is not a good decision to ignore pain you feel in your lower back instead do something about it, join a Pilates class.

Pilates is good for your mental health

The mind is the ‘powerhouse’ that fuels your ambition and determination to succeed as an athlete. Pilates is one of the amazing physical activities that can make you experience inner peace, positivity and confidence in your ability as an athlete.

Give Pilates a try, especially if nothing else seems to be working for you as an athlete. There is a long road ahead, and it can be pleasant when you show up physically and mentally prepared to win.

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