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Pilates for dancers and gymnasts - Pilates Mastery

Pilates for dancers and gymnasts

Pilates is a great way of exercising for anyone regardless of their fitness background. However, there is one very specific group that tends to gravitate towards Pilates – dancers. Dancers and gymnasts prefer to use Pilates as their way of keeping fit and flexible while dancing.

How can dancers benefit from Pilates?

Dancers want to keep fit, and while dancing itself is great exercise, many professionals choose to do other kinds of exercise as well, such as go to the gym, jog or take group fitness classes.

For dancers, it is important to stay flexible, improve their balance and have a strong core. Luckily, Pilates is the perfect way of exercising if you wish to improve all these three things.

As many professional or semi-professional dancers know, everything starts from the core. If you wish to become an excellent dancer, you have to have a strong core, there is no way around it.

Pilates for dancers

“Dancers spend most of their time in the studio, dedicating themselves to their art. Ballet/dance is their real job and like any job it is a daily struggle and it takes its toll on the body. Pilates helps them to rectify the imbalances they tend to create in the studio (from my experience, ballet dancers are particularly asymmetrical). With choreographers and teachers demanding daily perfection, Pilates allows dancers the space they need outside of the studio and outside of class to re-balance, release and re-connect.”Dance Magazine, 07/2015

Pilates movements focus around the core and especially the abdomen, no matter how you look at it. By taking Pilates classes, dancers can easily improve their core strength, flexibility, balance and even get more toned.

Thus Pilates is a great way to support your dancing hobby or profession and in fact, many dancers become certified Pilates instructors, because they find so many similarities between their passion and Pilates as a way of life.

How can gymnasts benefit from Pilates?

Gymnasts and dancers often practice the same areas: balance, flexibility and core strength. In addition, especially for gymnasts, arm strength is also extremely important. Pilates exercises can help you build strength in your arms with eccentric movements, which in other words, make you stronger without “bulking you up.”

In fact, gymnasts generally speaking need to be slender and flexible, and as Pilates mainly uses body weight for exercises, you will not build “big muscles” or put on extra weight from muscles. This way, you will stay as light and strong as possible – and of course, perform in the best way possible!

How can I get started with Pilates?

If you reside in Great Neck, NY or somewhere in surrounding areas, please contact us and we can help you to get started with private Pilates lessons. However, if you live further away, we recommend being in touch with your local studio and getting started with mat or reformer classes in a group lesson setting or privately.

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