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Pilates and rehabilitation - Pilates Mastery

Pilates and rehabilitation

Did you know that Joseph Pilates created contrology (today known as “Pilates”) to help World War II soldiers to rehabilitate from their injuries faster, while keeping up their muscle mass? As these soldiers were often bedridden and unable to exercise regularly, Joseph Pilates was able to help them with contrology by isolating movements. It is no wonder that Pilates and rehabilitation can go hand in hand.

Can Pilates help me to rehabilitate my injuries?

Many Pilates movements are isolated to separate body parts, or at least they can be. So, for instance, if you have a knee injury, you can still work your core, back, and arms without putting pressure on your knee and possibly make your injury worse. In other words, Pilates movements and exercises can be done around the injury.

In addition to working around the injury, some Pilates movements can even help you to recover from injuries faster. This is why many athletes, such as dancers, lean onto Pilates to help them become stronger and rehabilitate old injuries.

If you have an injury or would like to try Pilates as a part of your rehabilitation program, you should always talk to your doctor first and start taking Pilates classes with a trained professional. If you reside in the Great Neck area of New York, Pilates Mastery can help you! Just contact us and we can get started.

What are the benefits of Pilates when working on injury rehabilitation?

Pilates has many great benefits and one of the best ones is that almost anyone can do it. Regardless of your age or fitness level, you can do Pilates.

Pilates and rehabilitation
  • Better balance. Pilates can help you to improve your balance, which is especially beneficial for dancers, ice skaters, elderly and many others.
  • Increased flexibility. When done regularly, Pilates can improve your flexibility. This is a benefit that everyone can enjoy – you will feel more relaxed and many movements become easier as your flexibility increases.
  • Strength. Pilates is low-impact, but it can help you to improve your strength. For instance, your core strength will most likely improve, when you practice Pilates regularly.
  • Weight-loss. Pilates is not the best option if your goal is to lose weight, but many Pilates clients report weight-loss.
  • Relaxation. Pilates movements are done calmly, focusing on breathing and control. This is excellent for anyone looking to relax at the end of a hard day.

How to get started with Pilates?

You can get started by attending a Pilates group class or booking a private session with a certified Pilates instructor. Remember, though, that if you have an injury or would like to do Pilates as a part of your rehabilitation program, talk to your doctor first.


Pilates can be an excellent way to rehabilitate old injuries or do it as a part of your current rehabilitation program. If you’d like to get started with Pilates in Great Neck, NY, contact us today!

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