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How can pregnant women benefit from Pilates? - Pilates Mastery

How can pregnant women benefit from Pilates?

Pilates is great for pregnant women. There are specific mild Pilates exercises that are perfect for women who are at different stages of pregnancy. Pilates sessions for pregnant women are supervised by certified instructors who have trained and learned the best physical activities that can help women cope with the stress of pregnancy.

Why should pregnant women do Pilates?

Let’s discuss some of the important reasons and benefits of doing Pilates when you are pregnant.

Pilates improves flexibility
Withdrawing to live a sedentary life when you are pregnant is not the best idea. It would be best if you remained active and flexible throughout pregnancy. Flexibility can help you avoid cramps, fatigue, and body pains which can happen when you have restricted sleeping positions due to the growing baby in you.

With Pilates, you can become more flexible, the Pilates sessions can be divided into special exercises to tone the muscles in your body, and this can be very comforting during pregnancy.

Strengthening the pelvic muscles with Pilates
During the latter part of pregnancy, it helps to have stronger and more resilient pelvic muscles. There are specially developed Pilates that can help you achieve this goal easily. You may also work on your abs and the muscles in your lower legs.

Maintaining balance during pregnancy
The changes that gradually happen in a pregnant woman’s body can cause her to experience some challenges with maintaining balance while doing house chores or other simple activities. With Pilates, you can significantly learn how to keep your balance and avoid the scare of tripping over while moving around.

Pilates lowers the risk of back pain during pregnancy
Pain in the lower parts of your back during pregnancy can be so horrible. Unfortunately, many women experience this, but with Pilates, you can avoid experiencing back pain. By doing Pilates, you can strengthen those muscles that easily become sore and cause back pain. Pilates makes the muscle tissues tougher and more resilient.

How long can you do Pilates when you are pregnant?

Thankfully, there are Pilates plans that can last throughout your pregnancy. The whole nine months can become a delightful period and less stressful because you do Pilates. However, the intensity of the exercise will be modified as your pregnancy advances.

Continuing with Pilates from the start to the end of your pregnancy can make delivery much easier. Your pelvic muscles will be stronger, and you will feel strong enough to give birth without much stress because your legs and abs are stronger.

Where can pregnant women do Pilates?

Women who are pregnant and interested in doing Pilates must find a center run by a certified Pilates instructor. You are safe with a professional who has helped many other women enjoy Pilates during pregnancy. So it is best to confirm that the Pilates instructor who will be in charge of your sessions has been certified.

Pilates sessions for pregnant women may be shorter than regular sessions, but they are so effective. Find out more about Pilates during pregnancy by discussing your worries or concerns with the Pilates instructor before starting.

What should I know about Pilates sessions if I am pregnant?

First, it is extremely important to only do Pilates with a pre- and post-natal certified instructor. This is because as your pregnancy progresses, you will have to take into account your baby’s position, blood flow and other things.

For instance, towards the second and third trimester, you should no longer be doing exercises laying down. Your trained Pilates instructor knows how to accommodate pregnant women, so ask your instructor if they are pre- and post-natal certified if you are pregnant and are planning to do Pilates.


Pilates is a great practice for anyone regardless of their fitness level or background. Working out, active lifestyle and even Pilates sessions are perfect even when you are pregnant – just make sure to do your activities with the lead of a professional.

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