Get to know the Pilates equipment

How much do you know about the different equipment used for Pilates? Before starting Pilates, it helps to know much about the equipment you will be using. This information can help you make better decisions while doing Pilates to achieve particular fitness goals.

Generally, the first equipment for Pilates you will be introduced to are the mat and the Pilates reformer.

The mat is basically for doing simple Pilates stretches and other physical activities. The reformer is a special piece of Pilates equipment that you will get to learn about as your Pilates sessions progress.

Is Pilates difficult?

Pilates is one of the most intriguing experiences you will ever have during physical activity and it is far from difficult. With the help of a professionally trained Pilates instructor you will easily learn how to use the different Pilates equipment to achieve your fitness goals.

Mats for Pilates

Using mats for Pilates is less complicated; all you need is your simple and comfortable mat for all your Pilates exercises. The mat can be easily rolled and kept away after use. Before you start Pilates, you will be shown how to use, clean and keep the mats until your next Pilates session. It is quite easy really.

Reformers for Pilates

The reformers for Pilates involve the use of springs and resistance tools that are helpful during strength training and developing your muscles and abs. The reformer can be used by beginners by following the instructions of your teacher. It is a good training equipment for athletes and other people involved in different sports. Reformers also help in the rehabilitation of people recovering from injuries.

The use of reformers can be targeted at specific muscle groups to help you gain strength and endurance.

The Wunda Chair for Pilates

The Wunda Chair is one of the special Pilates equipment that aids in the development of our muscles which support proper balance. It is also a piece of useful exercise equipment that can help you heal from back pain. The Wunda Chair can be owned privately so that you can perform the amazing Pilates with this special chair in the comfort of your home.

However, beginners will need some help and support while learning how to use the Wunda Chair for the first few weeks. It is quite easy, and a favorite Pilates equipment for many people because they can buy and use it in their homes.

The Ladder Barrel

This is another common Pilates equipment you will find at the Pilates Center. The Ladder Barrel is designed to help people who need to do more stretches; it offers you a chance to do stretch or targeted exercises focused on particular parts of your body to increase flexibility and endurance.

The Trapeze Table

This is one of the special Pilates equipment designed to help users gain strength and endurance. The Trapeze Table is also a great choice for people who need to develop abs and improve the muscles in their lower back.

How would you like to try these Pilates equipment? Discover a new and exciting lifestyle with Pilates, contact us to know more about registering and getting started.

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