Is Pilates good for older adults?

It is not good to allow older adults to live a sedentary lifestyle. They need to be active for as long as possible. A good way for older adults who are not confined to a wheelchair to stay active is by doing Pilates.

Thankfully, the scope of Pilates is so broad that it includes several well-planned physical activities for older adults. There are so many advantages of being active as you grow older. Physical activity keeps older adults healthy, and it also helps to improve their mental capacities. Older people who engage in Pilates can also avoid health conditions such as stroke and heart diseases.

How Pilates can help older adults

With Pilates, older adults can engage in mild physical activities to increase the flow of blood through their circulatory system. This means they can feel more energized after the exercise because blood and oxygen reach all the essential parts of their bodies.

Also, it is common to hear older people complain of fatigue and exhaustion. This is quite expected because their bodies are getting weaker. However, with Pilates, older people can feel more reenergized and stronger to perform simple tasks to help themselves and retain their independence for longer.

How can elderly people start Pilates?

It is quite easy. Pilates is a very popular form of exercise and physical regimen. In many gyms all around us, you can find Pilates classes that are organized throughout the week. These Pilates classes are supervised by certified Pilates instructors. While the general Pilates is for everyone, the older adults may need to be mainly assessed before they start Pilates.

This should not be a problem for a professional and trained Pilates instructor. After a standard assessment, the Pilates instructor can offer a particular Pilates plan that is most suitable for the older adult.

Alternatively, if the individual is still very much active, they can join the regular Pilates classes for other older adults starting from the Pilates for beginners’ sessions.

Using a mat or reformer for Pilates

Depending on the physical capacity of the older adult who desires to participate in Pilates, a mat, or the reformer Pilates can be done. In the case of mat Pilates exercises, the physical stretches and exercise are done on a mat. The reformer Pilates involves the use of special Pilates equipment to stay fit.

Some points to note when introducing Pilates to seniors

It is important that every senior who is interested in doing Pilates informs the instructor of any illnesses they are managing. Also, past injuries or fears can also be expressed.

The standard procedure involves completing a form that requires entering this information. The importance of this disclosure is that the Pilates can have enough information about the senior to make adequate plans for their participation in Pilates sessions.

It also helps to know that Pilates sessions for seniors are closely monitored by the instructors who lookout for signs of exhaustion or physical activities that the participants cannot easily do without exertion. Changes can be made to make the Pilates session an enjoyable moment for older adults.

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