Is Pilates good for pregnant women?

Absolutely! I have been asked this question so many times; the answer is yes, Pilates can help pregnant women cope with the stress during pregnancy and also maintain good health.

One of the worries pregnant women express when they are thinking of doing Pilates is the safety, how safe is Pilates for pregnant women? It is understandable that a pregnant woman will feel worried about the movements during Pilates, but a short interaction with an experienced Pilates instructor is more than enough to educate pregnant women about the benefits of Pilates during pregnancy with little or no risks.

The only time things can go wrong when a pregnant woman engages in Pilates is if she does not have good guidance. Thankfully, we are always available to help you enjoy Pilates during pregnancy.

There are special Pilates exercises for pregnant women during the first, second trimester, and the final stage of pregnancy. However, it is important to get a note from your doctor before getting involved with Pilates. I have found some essential reasons to point out the benefits of Pilates for pregnant women further.

Pilates can strengthen the pelvic floor

In pregnant women, the pelvic floor comes under pressure because of the physical changes in your body. Organs such as the womb expand during pregnancy, a strong pelvic floor gives you more control
over your bladder during pregnancy, and this prevents urine or other fluids from leaking. Pilates exercises can be targeted at improving the strength of the pelvic floor; you can enjoy this benefit under the guidance of a licensed and experienced Pilates instructor.

Improved balance and posture

Physical changes during pregnancy can make you experience difficulty in maintaining balance while walking or performing house chores. Pilates is effective in improving our physical balance as human beings.

If you have been doing Pilates before becoming pregnant, you are steps ahead already and will encounter fewer issues regarding maintaining good balance during pregnancy. There are simple Pilates routines for pregnant women in their first or second trimester to help them gain more control of their balance after every session.

Get rid of back pain with Pilates

One of the common complaints of pregnant women is back pain. The physical changes in the female body, such as enlargement of the womb to accommodate the growing baby can put pressure on the lower back muscles and your spine.

We know effective and helpful Pilates that can alleviate back pain during pregnancy. Avoiding the discomfort of back pain during pregnancy is such a relief, and we can help you achieve that.

Breathe Control

At the last stages of pregnancy, during labor pains and birthing, it will be helpful if pregnant women know how to control breathing and conserve energy. At this time, the inhaling and exhaling rhythm should be systematically done to ensure the pregnant woman never lacks oxygen and strength. Doing Pilates can help you master and control your breathing.

You may have observed that I mentioned the need for pregnant women to do Pilates only under the guidance of licensed and experienced Pilates instructors to achieve great results.

Considering your condition during pregnancy, it is a great idea to have the best support. For more information or if you have questions about Pilates for pregnant women, please feel free to contact us anytime.

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