Become a Pilates instructor – Transfer students are welcome!

Training to become a Pilates instructor can be an amazing journey if you have the right teachers. How is your journey to becoming a certified Pilates Instructor going?

It is required of all students taking the Pilates Instructor training courses must complete the comprehensive Mat and Equipment hours in order to complete the certification and earn their diplomas.

Unfortunately, most students encounter scheduling challenges halfway through their coursework and drop out. This shouldn’t be the case! Pilates Mastery accepts students struggling to complete their Pilates instructor hours from another certification program to “bridge” their completed hours as a transfer student and earn a Pilates Mastery diploma.

Here are some of the reasons students may find it difficult to finish Pilates certification hours.

You’re a little fish in a big pond:

Not getting enough personalization? Most programs accepted too many students; you may not get the necessary support from your current Pilates teacher because there is a struggle to accommodate the needs of all students.

Without professional support, it is easy to experience frustration and stop the course before completing the necessary hours.

Rigid schedules:

Some Pilates training programs schedules are too rigid. The less-than-accommodating schedule can put undue pressure on students; consequently, more participants will consider dropping out and foregoing
their certification.

Personal reasons:

Life happens; we get it! Unplanned events in an individual’s life can suddenly cause students to consider leaving the training program. While this is sad, it is best to enroll in a Pilates training program which allows you to start from where you stopped when life resumes.

Get certified regardless of the odds

Gone are the days when it seemed impossible to initiate and get a transfer to another Pilates training program. We have made this process very easy. If you need a place where you can get all the support to complete your Pilates hours and get certified, we will be happy to have you if you’re the right fit.

Our offer includes accepting new students and others who need to transfer their program to a friendlier and convenient Pilates training program.

New students will start from the basics and progress under the careful guidance of a professional instructor until they complete the needed Pilates hours. Transfer students will have the opportunity to continue from where they stopped in the previous Pilates Mat or Equipment accreditation.

Everyone deserves a fair chance

It is such a shame that some people have to give up on a passion as amazing as Pilates. We plan to stop this from happening.

Completing your Pilates hours and getting certified gives you the advantage and authority to start your business. Managing a center for Pilates is lucrative; you can grow your brand and become known in your

It is such a great joy to teach others the amazing Pilates that have made you happier, healthier, and able to maintain a healthy mental balance despite our daily challenges.

What’s more, our accreditation will reflect the Pilates training you gained from the previous program.

Now’s the time to get started. Take advantage of this offer to complete your Pilates Mastery Diploma with us, click here to begin.

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