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Learn how to use your reformer like a pro - best tips! - Pilates Mastery

Learn how to use your reformer like a pro – best tips!

At first glance, a Pilates reformer may look like the strangest equipment for the exercise you have ever
seen. That’s just how unique the Pilates experience can be for you. The reformer for Pilates features
several springs, cables, bars, and pulleys, which are used to create the resistance that toughens your
muscles and helps to build endurance.

The rests on a reformer are comfortable, so get ready to burn many calories you don’t need. In this post,
I will be writing about helpful tips you can use to get all the benefits of using a reformer for Pilates.
This is just theory, to give you an idea of what to expect when using the reformer during a Pilates
session because you will never be alone, at least for the first few weeks as a beginner. There will always
be an experienced Pilates instructor by your side, teaching you how to use the reformer. Coupled with
the tips I have written below; you are good to go.

Learn how to set up the reformer

Your instructor will show you the basics, you can also find dozens of videos online showing how to set
up a reformer for Pilates properly. Without the right setting; you may not be able to get the desired
effect after your Pilates session. All it takes is practice, so don’t feel too bad if you don’t get it right the
first time.

Never overlook the first Pilate lessons

Every experienced Pilates instructor has a set of Pilates to help beginners understand how the reformer
works. These lessons are crucial to helping you get more value while using the reformer for Pilates.

Understand how the loaded springs work

The loaded springs are used to create the resistance you encounter during a reformer Pilates class. With
these springs, you can leverage the support to perform different Pilates movements that previously
seemed impossible. This also means the springs need to be pulled and tensed to create the resistance
force needed to work on your muscles. It is therefore important that you release the tension on the
springs gradually before letting go or stepping off the reformer to prevent injury.

Balancing on the reformer

Before performing Pilates such as the splits, it is important that you are properly balanced on the
reformer. If you think your posture cannot be maintained, carefully step off, and try again. Having a
good balance on the reformer before performing Pilates will help you stay on the surface all through the

Create friction to avoid slips

If you observe that it is difficult to maintain a good grip or balance because you are sweating, you need
to find a way to create friction. A good solution is the use of knee or elbow pads and sports gloves that have excellent grip. Overcoming this problem goes a long way to make you feel more confident during

Feel free to explore new things

With Pilates, the possibilities are almost endless. The reformer makes it easy to accomplish amazing
movements during Pilates. Feel free to try new things; you may just discover a movement that will take
you to the next level in your progress.

However, it is important that you pay attention to your body, if you ever feel abnormal pain or
discomfort, stop immediately, and assess the situation.

I will conclude by stating that it is essential to notify your instructor of any changes in your state of
health. This information will help your Pilates teacher guide you properly if you have to use a reformer.
For the best tips and how to start your Pilates experience click here.

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