Investing in yourself and in a mat teacher training NYC is serious commitment of your time and your money. Think of choosing the right pilates mat certification NYC like you are investing in a retirement plan; YOUR retirement plan. After all, committing to a mat teacher training NYC is about your future! There are many pilates mat teacher training NYC from which you can choose…thanks so much for your consideration of Pilates Mastery!

Know In Detail About Our Mat Teacher Training

  • Our mat teacher training NYC upholds and surpasses industry standards.
    • While other pilates mat certification NYC may try to cram in as many students into your lecture hours, our classes, on the other hand are semi-private. Our pilates mat certification NYC are capped at four students per semester. A smaller mat teacher training NYC will give you the opportunity to not only do the exercises in your own body, but you will also have the opportunity to observe your classmates doing the exercises. From there, you will earn finesse observation skills; your eye will develop into a keen, well-developed tool. Eventually, you will learn how to make corrections, progressions and regressions.
  • Our pilates mat certification NYC offers a review of anatomy, biomechanics and postural issues
    • Through our mat teacher training NYC, your eye will develop the ability to dynamically assess mechanical issues, muscle coordination and alignment in movement. Our mat teacher training NYC will let you observe the body moving in all orientations (prone, supine, side-lying, sitting and standing). Eventually, our pilates mat teacher training NYC will teach you how to determine if an individual’s muscle imbalances and joint deviations are anatomical neutral and/or postural dysfunctions.
  • Our pilates mat teacher training NYC covers a lot of pilates choreography. A LOT!
    • If choreography is akin to “vocabulary”, our pilates teacher certification NYC will not only teach you the vocab, but also how to string the words together to make complete “sentences.”
  • Our mat teacher training NYC will teach you to correctly see the need for modifications and adjust accordingly.
    • Borrowing from the analogy above, some of your “sentences” might need some grammatical adjustments. Modifications in choreography is an imperative skill proudly taught by our pilates mat certification NYC.
  • Our pilates mat certification NYC will teach you how to progress and challenge clients safely and effectively.
    • Progressing a client is exciting. Adding props is a fun way to keep things fresh (and safe).
  • Our pilates teacher certification NYC will help you find and easily access your “teacher creature.” Let’s face it, sometimes teaching is like a one-man show. A talented and personable teacher is way more desirable to the masses. So, we will show you how to “turn on” your teacher creature in any situation.
    • Your teacher creature will write, produce, direct and star in the show…and your clients will love the story you tell while they participate in your class.

What are you waiting for? Introduce yourself!


1. The Principles
2. Review of Anatomy, Biomechanics & Client Assessment
3. Choreography (pre-pilates to advanced)
4. Modifications: Progressions & Regressions
5. Touch 
6. Stretching
7. Props
8. Group Fitness Lab
9. Session Flow & Teacher Creatures


Our intensive, intimate (no more than four students per semester) and innovative accreditation program is an ideal solution for individuals seeking deeper pilates knowledge to attain personal and professional goals.

Our instruction will empower and inspire you; you’ll graduate feeling totally equipped.  

Prerequisite: you’re an advanced practitioner with a mat accreditation. Step one: submit application. Step two: schedule an audition/assessment session for a fee of $100; once accepted into the program, the fee will be applied to your tuition. Step three: enroll. pilates mastery mat teacher training


Students are allotted one year from the time they begin their accreditation to complete all of their independent study and have the flexibility to design their own schedule. The following are mandatory: 10 observation hours | 10 self-practice hours | 10 student teaching hours | 20 apprentice teaching hours.

Depending on your unique learning style, beyond the mandatory hours listed above and the lectures, the remaining hours are customizable. But, you must complete all 450 hours and complete a mat minimum of 125 hours (inclusive of lecture hours).

Interactive lecture series where you learn techniques and cueing while executing movements and observing your classmates.

You must attend all hours of lecture instruction. If you miss any part of the instruction, you will be required to make up the time missed with the equivalent amount of private training at your own additional expense.

Access to the electronic manual via our exclusive web-posting will expire one year from the date of your first lecture hour.

pilates mastery equipment teacher training

These hours may be completed at any facility that works with the requisite equipment.

You may choose to observe certified pilates instructors at any location; but please get permission from both the facility staff and the instructor before observing.

Observing a combination of group classes and private instruction is recommended.

pilates mastery mat teacher training Certification

These hours may be completed at any facility that will allow you to independently work out on the requisite equipment.

  • You may also count any private and/or group fitness classes at any facility that teaches the compulsory equipment toward self-practice hours.
  • If you are paying NIMBLE the $500/year studio-usage fee, your self-practice hours will be included in the price.
    • If you are not paying the yearly studio-usage fee, you may still do your self-practice hours at NIMBLE depending on availability, at a discounted rate of $30/hour of equipment rental.
      • Self-practice is permitted during normal weekday business hours except during peak times.  Weekends are by request only.

Please note:

  • Instructors working with clients have first priority on the equipment.
    • A student may be asked to practice on alternate apparatus if s/he is occupying a piece of equipment that an instructor would like to use for a client session or equipment class.
  • If you do not contact the front desk to get approval for hours, you may not be allowed to work during your chosen time.
  • Scheduling hours are reserved independently by students using NIMBLE‘s web-scheduler.

mat teacher training program

Peer-to-peer teaching.

Students work one-on-one with other Pilates Mastery students, certified pilates instructors and/or advanced pilates students from other programs.

pilates mastery equipment teacher training chair

While students are honing their skills, they will see clients at a discounted rate. These teaching hours are unpaid. If unable to honor your teaching commitment, students are responsible for finding an approved substitute teacher. Equipment teacher training chair Pilates Mastery

After completing the student teaching hours, students may audition to become an intern.  Your clients will be offered an “intern” rate of $60/session and you will be paid $20/session.

Interns may also be eligible to teach classes per approval of management. If approved to teach group classes, interns will be paid $20 per class with up to two participants and a $5 bonus for each additional participant up to, but never exceeding, five students.

Equipment teacher training chair

Once you complete your hours, you will sit for a written exam and a practical exam.  The written exam tests your knowledge of the coursework. Once you pass the written, the practical exam determines your teaching skills.  You will be tested on your observation skills, client assessment, choreography, session flow, cueing and The Principles. Pilates Equipment teacher training reformer
For an additional fee, you will be assigned a Pilates Mastery coach.  During a one-month semester, coach and student work one-on-one and meet weekly for two consecutive hours.  Weekly sessions will be broken out as follows:
  • one-hour pilates class with coach;
  • one supervised teaching hour with coaching guidance followed by feedback; and
  • one e-mail exchange for follow-up for Q/A.
pilates mat teacher training certifications
You’ve completed your coursework elsewhere and would like to finish with a Pilates Mastery degree. Bridge your hours and get to the Pilates Mastery finish line inspired, empowered and equipped. But first, you’ll need to schedule an audition. pilates equipment teacher training chair