A great equipment teacher training NYC is an amazing physical journey. Each pilates equipment certification NYC story is uniquely individual. But, before you embark on this pilates equipment teacher training NYC adventure, we encourage you to do your research. Our pilates equipment teacher training NYC prides in making sure you feel supported and safe from start to finish. A pilates equipment certification NYC will sharpen your mind and body. Our technique? Simple: instruct, inspire, empower and equip each individual student. Why? Because YOU matter!

Our pilates equipment certification NYC tackles a LOT of choreography. No, really. Our pilates equipment certification NYC boasts a repertoire of over 275 movements plus modifications. But, the 275+ choreographed movements are not all our equipment teacher training NYC has to offer. In addition to the choreography, our pilates equipment certification NYC tackles Special Populations and Client Alignment & Facilitation.

The best part? Our equipment teacher training NYC manual is digital. A paperless manual! No need to schlep around a clumsy and cumbersome pilates equipment teacher training NYC manual. Our pilates equipment certification NYC manual is easily accessible on our web-app. Our pilates equipment certification NYC digital manual boasts over 275 how-to-videos right at the tips of your fingers. You can easily access our pilates equipment certification NYC manual right from your mobile device!

What’s your RSS Feed? Ours is: Relax, Stretch and Strengthen.

Not all of your future pilates clients are looking for a punishing pilates workout. Life happens. Injuries in the real world will affect your sessions in the studio. So, our pilates equipment teacher training NYC will prepare you for a client who slides into a special population…and hopefully after a few pilates sessions, will slide right back out into the general population.

  • Special Populations
    • Our equipment teacher training NYC is not just about crushing choreography. Unfortunately, an injury and/or a contraindication may sideline a client. What now? Our pilates equipment certification NYC will prepare you for when such situations arise. Our pilates equipment teacher training NYC will equip you for an unfortunate circumstance that happens outside of the studio. This portion of our pilates equipment teacher training NYC is lovingly called “if/then.” For example, if a client has osteoporosis, then avoid any flexion work. Our pilates equipment teacher training NYC “if/then” segment is akin to recognizing the problem and finding and using the solution. A well-educated pilates instructor knows a client’s limits and teaches accordingly. Safety first.
  • Client Alignment & Facilitation
    • Our pilates equipment teacher training NYC teaches students how to aid in proper alignment via touch (bony and soft tissue). While we are not doctors or even physical therapists, a strong pilates equipment certification NYC will inform you how to tackle some of life’s physical challenges and gracefully move through them. Why? Because movement heals.

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  1. Special Populations | If This/Then That
  2. Client Alignment & Facilitation
  3. Beginner Reformer Choreography
  4. Intermediate Reformer Choreography
  5. Advanced Reformer Choreography
  6. Beginner Cadillac Choreography
  7. Intermediate Cadillac Choreography
  8. Advanced Cadillac Choreography
  9. Chair Choreography
  10. Barrel Choreography
  11. Advanced Teaching Techniques


Let our new, semi-private, innovative accreditation program enhance your personal practice and guide you toward your goal of becoming a pilates instructor.

Our instruction is sure to inspire you. Complete your journey feeling equipped.

PS: Classes are capped at four students every semester.

Prerequisite: You have expertise in mat accreditation.
Step one: Submit your application.
Step two: Book an assessment audition by paying $100. Once you are selected for the program, that amount will get applied to your tuition.
Step three: Sign up.

pilates equipment teacher training


Once YOU, the aspirant, start your accreditation, you’ll have one year tenure from the moment you attend your first lecture until you finish your entire independent study. You are also given the freedom to design your own program. It is mandatory for ALL students to attend the lecture hours: 20 hours of observation | 20 student teaching hours | 20 hours devoted to self-practice | 40 hours for apprentice teaching.

Apart from the compulsory hours and lecture hours, the rest of the time is customizable based on your individual learning style. But, it is crucial for you to complete the entire 450 hours, which includes at least of 325 hours of equipment and 125 hours of mat teacher training (inclusive of all lecture hours).

Interactive lecture sessions are an awesome opportunity to gain hands-on knowledge via experience. In addition to performing and feeling each exercise in your own body, we will discuss, discover and deploy the latest methods and trends. You’ll hone your observation techniques and perfect your “teacher creature” while cueing the choreography and analyzing your classmates’ movements.

It is mandatory for you to attend all the hours of lecture instruction. In case you are not able to attend a section of lecture instruction, you will need to make up the section missed with apt amount of the private lecture training at your own additional expense.

Access to our electronic manual, which features videos of all the choreography, is exclusively offered on our web-posting; the subscription will lapse one year from the time of your foremost lecture hour.

pilates mastery equipment teacher training

These hours can be finished at your convenience in any studio that works with essential equipment.

You can select your desired location to observe certified Pilates trainers but please obtain consent from the facility and staff, as well as the client, before starting to observe.

It is advisable to observe a mix of private and group classes.

pilates mastery mat teacher training Certification

These allotted hours can be completed at any desired facility enabling you to perform independently on the approved Pilates equipment.

  • You may count any private and/or group fitness classes at any facility where you can be taught on the mandatory equipment toward your self-practice hours.
  • Additionally, you may elect to take advantage of NIMBLE’s $500/year fee for access to NIMBLE’s Pilates equipment for self-practice hours.
  • If you do not wish to pay a yearly fee for studio use, you may still book self-practice hours at NIMBLE when the equipment is available, at a reduced cost of $30/hour.
  • Self-practice is allowed during weekday working hours except peak hours. You can request access during weekends only by written request with at least three days’ advanced notice.

Please note:

  • Instructors who are working with the clients have their top priority on equipment.
  • Practitioner may be asked to rehearse on any other apparatus in case s/he is using the equipment an instructor wishes to utilize for client, class or any equipment session.
  • Contact front desk for prior approval of hours or you may not be permitted to work at your desired time.
  • Scheduling is reserved by practitioners directly with the help of NIMBLE’s web-scheduler.

mat teacher training program

Peer-to-peer learning.

An invaluable opportunity to rehearse with various Pilates Mastery candidates, certified instructors and/or advanced Pilates practitioners from other programs.

pilates mastery equipment teacher training chair

While candidates are strengthening their talent, they will instruct clients. These teaching opportunities are unpaid. In case you are not able to fulfill your commitment, then you will have the option to explore any other approved instructor.

Equipment teacher training chair Pilates Mastery

Once you have completed the mandatory hours, you may audition to become an intern. Clients are offered a discounted “intern rate” of $60 /session; interns will earn $20/session.

Interns should be qualified for teaching classes as per consent of management. When permitted to teach group classes, interns will earn $20 each class with a minimum of two participants and a $5 bonus for every add-on participant. Classes will not exceed five students.

Equipment teacher training chair

After finishing your mandatory hours, you will be required to take a written examination, and after that, a practical exam. The written examination analyzes your skills of coursework. After qualifying, the practical exam will test your teaching abilities. You will be graded on: client assessment, session flow, observation skills, cueing and execution of “the principles.”

Pilates Equipment teacher training reformer

For an additional fee, you will be assigned a coach for a one-month semester. During the semester, you will meet on a weekly basis for two consecutive hours. Weekly sessions are sub-categorized as:

  • One-hour Pilates session with the trainer.
  • One hour for supervised teaching with complete coaching assistance followed by feedback.
  • Email exchange for follow-up for Q/A.

pilates mat teacher training certifications

Feel trapped in “Pilates jail?” After an audition, you may bridge your hours and start the journey to earn a Pilates Mastery degree. Get to the finish line feeling confident, knowledgeable, strong and happy.

pilates equipment teacher training chair